James Carner

I love my state. I hate our political system. The moment our electoral college voting was removed from our constitution and replaced by popular vote is when I decided to take action. There are hundreds of movements with thousands of people whom are collectively getting ready to fight against the establishment.  

Between the fake news and the conspiracy theories, how can one discern between what is real and what is not? I decided to write about it from a conservative point of view. I also believe that somehow we are being divided politically. The left and the right. This needs to stop. 

United, we can make a difference in The State of Oregon. I am hoping you will join me in the information war. Interact and volunteer. Help me take a stand to our politicians to remind them who they work for. Covid19 has stripped our liberties away and started an unconstitutional lockdown of our freedom. 

We need to organize and get working together to sue our elected leaders for fraud and corruption. We need column writers and volunteers. Are you up to the challenge?