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We started this movement to inform the public, unite and protest against our current political structure in Oregon. Our goal is to inform and remove people in office whom have broken the law. Oregon is not a sanctuary state!

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James Carner

Author, entrepreneur, speaker, producer and publicist. 

Morgin Cupp

Massage Therapist, Writer & Historian

Leanna Crain

Oregonian, office manager and writer.

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James Carner

Author, entrepreneur, speaker, producer and publicist. 

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Freedom For Thought

The world and the people aren’t insane. Their leaders are. If absolute power corrupts absolutely, then it’s safe to say that America is under the control of a mob. and which mob controls us? Follow the money. The CIA posted Fritz Springmeier’s book on the 13 most...

Faith, Trump & Hope

Faith is the substance of hope. The evidence of things unseen. Whatever information we find or what the media tells us is all propaganda. The world awakened during these last four years to a system that is completely rigged and evil to its core. You can’t deny it....

Truth Will Win

The Bible talks about a Jubilee every 70 years. Where evil is crushed by simple rules of forgiving debt. The Israelites practiced this calling it Shmita, which is the year at the end of the seven cycles. “According to the Book of Leviticus, Hebrew slaves and prisoners...