Faith is the substance of hope. The evidence of things unseen. Whatever information we find or what the media tells us is all propaganda. The world awakened during these last four years to a system that is completely rigged and evil to its core.

You can’t deny it. Conspiracy theorists were right. The world is run by worshippers of Baal and Molech. They want a one world government so they can control you easier. They want depopulation because they think we are running out of food.

The same corporations that have polluted our food, water and land want us to pay for their greed. A carbon tax and a chip inside you with your bank account so that at any moment you rebel, they take your money in real time. That’s the plan.

Many are scared and feel Trump let them down. Many say he was a part of it. Well, Hillary would have crashed the economy easier and the virus would have allowed the death of America. Trump wasn’t a part of their plan. Why? Because the United Nations changed Agenda 2021 to 2030.

The world knows the virus is a scam. This was not part of the plan. Something supernatural occurred that allowed the spread of the Luciferian plan just as it did back in the 1700’s when a lightening bolt struck a carrier revealing plans of a New World Order which stopped it then. An act of God.

Lindsey Williams, an oil preacher in Alaska, who was invited to sit in on OPEC meetings to tell the world, whom few listened, about their New World Order plans, received a call from the Illuminati in November of 2016 stating Trump’s win was an act of God. The rigged it for Hillary.

If Q was a massive psyop for the cabal, why would The cabal give sensitive information to awake a massive amount of armed people? Millions of conservatives whom saw corruption at every turn under Trump’s presidency and a virus that killed their businesses, now believe their government is corrupt 100%.

To me, if I were to control the world, I would have stopped Q at the beginning. Well, they tried. And the movement got stronger and stronger. This movement got so big that the left now calls all conservatives “deplorable”, “racist” and “Nazi”. Is that how you take over the world? Stirring the pot of 80 million armed people?

A real critical thinker doesn’t get bogged down in propaganda. I saw Trump do something entirely different when he ran for office. He picked a fight with the bankers. The Khazarians of old. The money changers. With that, they started an investigation on a sitting President on his first day in office. Are we to believe that was part of the plan all along?

For 4 years, we saw wasteful spending, relentless attacks and riots all in the name of democracy while the majority of the American people suffered while the bankers made bail for the accusers. The enemy has been brought to the surface and we all see it now. Common sense tells us that Trump stands in the way of the big idea and the enemy stole his presidency and the senate right before your very eyes.

I went all in with Trump. I am staying there. Each article/blog I read, video I see and talk I hear is taken with a grain of salt. I put my faith in God. The evidence of things unseen. I believe that God put Trump in office to take down the money changers and that gives me hope. I don’t worship Trump. I recognize the authority that God gave him. And, knowing the Bible as well as I do, I know that God turns everything around late in the midnight hour.

James Carner, Editor of Take Oregon Back