Does candidate Mark Duncan Have what it takes to sway Oregonians? You be the judge.

“My name is Mark Duncan and I am running as Oregon’s next Governor. I am running because of the lack of representation in Oregon. This lack of representation has led to higher taxes, more restrictions, more homelessness and more abuse of power by our state politicians.
76% of Oregon legislative representation lies within the NW portion of the state. The most representation comes from Portland which gives sanctuary to thousands of undocumented as well as so called refugees. That same representation creates laws that make it illegal to ask a persons legal immigration status. Our state politicians lobby for mandates as well as executive orders that impose policy over us. The fact is many rural counties in Oregon have little to no voice! These are loggers, farmers, ranchers, fishermen as well as hard working Americans and they deserve to be heard. It is time that all of Oregon is represented instead of just Portland and Salem.
We will break down Oregon’s Liberal super majority by getting our representatives elected in every available seat in this state. We will break down the walls of sanctuary that protect and house undocumented. We will restore our Constitutional Liberties, reduce growing taxes and regulations as well as securing our economic freedom. We will force our law enforcement to do their jobs and we will hold them accountable when they refuse. There is only one way to redeem Oregon and that is by showing up at my rallies, showing up at the polls and by voting for me as Oregon’s next governor.” ~ Mark Duncan