The world and the people aren’t insane. Their leaders are. If absolute power corrupts absolutely, then it’s safe to say that America is under the control of a mob. and which mob controls us? Follow the money. The CIA posted Fritz Springmeier’s book on the 13 most wealthy families in the world. Fritz points out in his book that they are all satanists that are part of a club called the Illuminati.

Why would the CIA post this? Could it be that they have to post the truth? A way of saying, “Well, we warned you”? I’ve read that the elite rulers always warn the masses of their plans through Hollywood and clues in the fine print. They know that no one really pays attention anyways, and since the CIA invented the phrase “Conspiracy Theorist”, they have been in complete control of any narrative.

John F. Kennedy said he wanted to tear the CIA into a thousand pieces. Why? Could it be that it has corrupted itself and is no longer “For The People”? It’s a known fact that the CIA is good at infiltrating countries and installing their own leaders for gain. Have they finally decided to do their own tactics on us, the American citizens? I believe so.

The Christian Bible quotes God as saying His people perish for lack of knowledge. I think the same thing applies to Americans. They are so naive to their “Tell A Vision” that they think all of our media is honest. If this were true, why would a tech billionaire purchase the New York Post? For profit? No. They use it to run stories that others will pick up on. Stories about how good the billionaire is and how wonderful his company is. Or print bad stuff because any press is good press.

I’ve lived in Oregon all my life. I didn’t give a rats ass about politics until I sobered up and had a family. And what I discovered was haunting. That every organization and institution are mostly corrupt, and to deny this is ignorant. This is how things are and always have been since the dawn of time. We never will have society with 100% honesty, integrity and sovereignty. Not if we continue to elect corrupt leaders. But even good leaders can be bought, or worse, blackmailed. What can we do?

Gandhi was one man. He made change by a hunger strike. It affected billions. However, they neglect to tell you that he was an attorney for other countries’ interest (Africa) and had influences higher up. We are not Gandhi. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was hired, blackmailed or bribed to protest. They call it “paid opposition”. Hire someone to protest your own organization. CIA tactic 101.

So again, what can we do? For starters, you can open up your big mouth. Freedom dissenters use your silence to get what they want. They hope you feel bad about your opinion. If everyone wasn’t so afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, none of us would be in this boat right now. You and your opinion is/are important. You matter! Start talking and believe in what you say. Walk the talk.

The Illuminati is dividing us with race, politics and religion to get you to fight with your neighbor. They have money and power to abuse the media for their gain. Your voice and your opinion scares them. Why? Because they are a handful of people controlling us with magic and we have the majority. Your mouth can cut like a sword! Use wisdom. But use wisdom. Don’t argue or get trapped into a clever trap. Express your opinion and walk away. Stop worrying about what others think. If a million Americans did just that, then we would have freedom for thought.