The Bible talks about a Jubilee every 70 years. Where evil is crushed by simple rules of forgiving debt. The Israelites practiced this calling it Shmita, which is the year at the end of the seven cycles. “According to the Book of Leviticus, Hebrew slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven, and the mercies of God would be particularly manifest.”

Jonathan Cahn wrote an excellent book called The Mysteries Of The Shemita and its “The 3,000-Year-Old Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future, the World’s Future, and Your Future!” I bought it years ago and his findings of the matching biblical pattern between The Israelites and Americans is intriguing.

He concludes that The United States Of America is due for its reward from the 200+ years of evangelism. And since America was built upon Christianity principles, God will honor them regardless of foreign and domestic enemy interference. America is owed a debt from God. A forgiveness of debt, trespass and transgressions.

Since the plandemic, Americans have opened their eyes to the wide ranging and deep corruption to the point that it can’t be ignored. The 2020 election was absolutely bizarre as counting and following the Trump lead, Biden calls a press conference (first in history) before a victory calling for an extension to count the mail-in votes, which by the time Americans poured their first cup of coffee the next morning , saw their votes were stolen!

Trump knew about it. In fact he signed an executive order in 2018 to declare a state of emergency if the election included foreign interference. we learned the CIA had servers in Germany with the dominion software thus raises the questions of how many elections in the past have been tampered with. Well, Sydney Powell, a private attorney working for Donald Trump’s election campaign (not his cabinet) now has these servers thanks to a NSA / Military raid. You won’t find that on cnnbcbs media outlets or in any google search because it’s being censored by big tech.

Since she is a private law firm herself, she isn’t locked in the government red tape where she is free to release whatever she wants regardless of the “national security” umbrella of concealment. As I was writing this, I just found out Trump fired her. So be it. He has the servers, the evidence and the integrity to see this through. My guess is she was threatened by the enemy and shaken to the core. Trump probably let her go for her safety. Or using her to go after the deep state solo minus the Trump endorsement to remain neutral.

Regardless of the reason, you can’t cut the head off a snake without wit, patience, tools and the will to do it. I believe Trump has it all, regardless of what the “experts” say. He’s had 4 years to hire the smartest strategists the world can buy. He has the secret service (NSA) and our military behind him. He also has the Supreme Court. The enemy has a mouthpiece with the media and social platforms. All they do is mock, lie and are always wrong. A part of the snake. It hisses and rattles its tail but hasn’t done anything other than closing down small business and making you wear a mask.

This snake is an old oligarchy of bloodlines that feel they have better ends to the means. They are religious and perform rituals talking to ghosts for insight on their futures of fortune. Soothsayers with witches and fortune tellers getting fed with half truths from an unseen realm. They want to depopulate. They want to rule over a few using a disguised communist platform. They own the codes to wall street and the debt we accrue. They’ve killed, stole and destroyed everything in their path all for power, greed and wealth.

We have been given a 3rd chance to end the central bank (Federal Reserve) and start our own. History will show The United States has had 2 other central banks controlled by foreign interests using our debt for profit. In 1913, the last one was formed by foreign aristocrats who promise to use our money safely. Look where it has got us?

Trump merged the fed with our treasury and his signature is on all the checks! He’s the head of it. He added more federal judges in history and steered the Supreme Court into a conservative majority. He pulled us out of NAFTA and the Paris Climate scams which saved us trillions. All to just give up to this snake because he’s being bullied?

America is going to get one more chance to turn away from their evil deeds and usher in a new era of prosperity. Not because we deserve it. Not because our constitution is in jeopardy. But because God heard our prayers and sent Trump. A man that Hillary said couldn’t be bought off. A business man and not a politician who slings insults and rebuke at ignorance. A man who already showed his skeletons in the closet by bacheloring it better than the worst sinner. A man who brought Jesus and repentance back in the White House who surrounds himself with prayer weekly by the best evangelicals in the world. It’s a spiritual battle and truth will win!