Here’s what I see. There are no coincidences. Two Presidents have warned us about a secret society that has undermined our constitution and currency. Eisenhower got lucky by stating the fact at his final address. JFK, not so much.

Trump on inauguration threatened the powers that be by stating he will give freedom back to the people. Freedom isn’t free.

The powers that be opened up an investigation the very first day Trump started. They failed. Then came impeachment. They failed. Then what are the odds that a virus less potent than H1N1, which Obama did nothing about wreck the economy so bad that the stock market went right back to its original state in 2016. No coincidence.

Folks, we have a chance to get our country back from a power that has raped our resources and profit since 1913. Trump just made the Federal Reserve to take orders from the Treasury.

What does that mean? It’s means that the 13 families that control the federal reserve (think Rockefeller’s, Rothchilds) have to obey Trump – he’s the new CEO of America, Inc. Is this true?

Why else would Trump be signing the treasury checks? Really smart people balk at this idea. They say the federal reserve has all the power. But this has changed. Through the EFM, Trump closed the back door to the bankers (think usery).

America, Inc grossed more than 1 trillion dollars a year in profit from Americans paying interest on our debt through bank loans from the federal reserve and from income tax. This 1 trillion a year will stop and in turn be directed into the treasury.

The 13 families that own 70% of all Earth have been cut off from America and Trump is bankrupting the federal reserve (think adding 1 trillion a day into the economy) and the federal reserve banks can’t do a think about it.

The federal reserve during a bankruptcy, which the 13 families will call for, will open up an investigation into the federal reserve where the DOJ will prosecute for the first time in history the fraud of “fractional reserve lending” from these vampires.

Everything that is happening which is crushing America, Inc must happen in order for us to freeze the accounts of the 13 families. A massive lawsuit worldwide will be placed in the name of crimes against humanity as the 13 families will be on trial for fraud, but most importantly, and here is the key, for human trafficking.

Legally no one could touch them. But Trump did this legally by going after their perversion. Drugs, pedophelia, and the like are being swarmed by our military gathering evidence during this crisis which the 13 families bestowed upon us just to make sure 45 doesn’t get re-elected.

You see, Trump played stupid. He played the media like he was a jackass while tweeting weird things and using his bafoon act to distract the media while he passes executive orders to indict the swamp.

There are over 150,000 sealed indictments in the US which in average we normally have 10,000. The rats are running (think CEO’s stepping down) and cannot fly out of America while we suffer through this economic downturn.

These hard times will challenge us. It will help grow our dependency on ourselves. Our own food. Our own supplies. Our own ideas and thoughts will spawn new innovations and inventions while we, during this draconian lockdown) will learn how to survive during hard times.

It’s no conspiracy. We’ve been warning you since the 80’s when Reagan was President. People like Bill Cooper and Ted Gunderson most their lives trying to expose the cabal that has been robbing us of our freedom.

“My people parish from lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4. This can never be so important in times like this. We must understand that the owners are crumbling right under our feet and stand up for our constitutional and bill of rights to say “NO!” to the controllers whom have used the media (whom are all owned by 6 companies – think monopoly) and stand up to the corruption.

If we allow them to beat us through brainwashing and indoctrination (think operation mockingbird) then we will lose. Our President needs our prayers and we as a nation must stand behind him and his plan to regain our liberties.

Now is the time. Now is the time to research and stand up to people who mock us. Who laugh at us. Who thinks everything is ok. Because it’s not. We have one last chance to get our country back and we can do it together?

How? We assemble. We talk. We elect leaders and study our enemies. We gather intel and resources that require our movement to grow. We do heavy vetting and do not let anyone in that does not pass the test or background check. We pull our resources and figure out how to use them wisely while also figuring out how we can make it grow with interest. We become a militia which our founding g fathers intended is to have if a tyrannical government takes control, which it has!

Trump can only do so much. It’s our governors that will get in the way of our freedom. We must single hand-idly remove them from office and elect leaders of our choosing. We educate our children and teach then to trust no government for any government that is working for themselves and not the people is an enemy.

We stand with a bullhorn and a gun. We make our leaders fear us as we need to teach them we will fight to get our freedom back. We do not give up. Be intimidated. Be let down and most certainly let our feelings get in the way of our children’s children’s future.

If not, we will be socialized then communized. It’s real. It’s time. This plannedemic should have taught us that we are not in control and our elected officials are on notice.

Protesting will not work. A million man march on Washington does not work. What works is starting with hour county and then to your state.

I have started a website called takeoregonback .com and it’s a media website tool to report on events going on in our counties. I need help. I need writers and bloggers and thinkers whom have ideas and balls to research and report.

I know you’re scared. I am too. But we will never be free again if we let the 13 families continue their reign over America. Pray for me. Enlist with me. Help me take the state of Oregon back from a tyrannical government!