Proud To Sponsor Alison Rhoads for Oregon House of Representatives District 14

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Written by James Carner

April 28, 2020

I had the distinct pleasure to meet Alison on one of the Facebook forums as she was sharing with us the problems they are having in District 14 of Oregon. Alison is extremely passionate, although very young at 26, she speaks with authority and intensity when it comes to issues. “Our homeless problem in District 14 is beyond anything I have ever seen. I mean, we’ve had homeless before but not like this. It’s as if we somehow legislated our laws to make poverty more extreme. And the inflation is extreme too. Rent around here for a modest apartment was $600 a month. Now it’s over $1,000.”

We somehow legislated our laws to make poverty more extreme

Alison Rhoads (R) is running for Oregon House of Representatives District 14. Members of the Oregon House of Representatives serve two-year terms and are not subject to term limits. She is running against current incumbent, Julie Fahey (D) who has served two terms, and Rich Cunningham (R). “I am a Christian, mother of three, lady of a log truck driver and an aspiring mechanic. I love Jeeps, and I love working on them. My family spends lots of time outdoors wheeling, riding dirt bikes, going to forest cleanups, camping, fishing, and having barbecues. Our daughters have been driving on trails, with assistance of course, since they were about four. We feel that growing up in the woods and participating in cleanups helps children learn to respect the forest and understand the importance of keeping them clean and responsibly managed.” 

I was intrigued by how down to Earth this woman was. She doesn’t hold back her roots and heritage. She loves getting her hands dirty and not the typical politician. She is not interested in legislating our way our of messes like forced vaccinations. She is more interested in fixing them by restoring Oregon’s constitution. “Their (Democratic Party) inherent need to control is incredibly evident in their relentless effort to force toxic vaccines and life threatening procedures on unwilling individuals and parents, and persistent kidnap of children from their parents. Their lies and coverups of the truth are astounding; their refusal to accept that Oregonians have the right to determine what is done to their own bodies and children makes it obvious that they do not respect human natural rights. They also do not respect the sanctity of life, as they push and push for the murder of unborn children at the taxpayers’ expense. My answer is NO.”

I asked Alison why she is running and how did she find herself against a long standing Democratic position. “I decided to run because I cannot sit idle whilst watching my district, state and country be torn to pieces by evil. I cannot let them stomp on the Constitution and burn our flag any more. I am ready for battle and I am prepared for victory … Oregon is currently a state that is hostile to rural way of life, even though it was built from the ground up by rural type industries such as logging. Farming, hunting and homesteading are natural enemies to politicians who aim to round up folks and drive them into submissive poverty, as they cannot do it to the people who are capable of being self reliant. That is why they consistently pass or try to pass laws and policies that make it harder on rural industries. They want folks to move to populated areas that oftentimes lack understanding of what makes the wheels turn in society. Food is grown, product is made and transported to grocery stores, but many city folk don’t seem to understand that financially harming the industries involved raises the prices of their goods, which in turn raises their own cost of living. Our government strives to drain every dollar possible from the people so they can advance their own agendas. Their agendas do not include economic growth, prosperity or success. Their agenda is simply to cripple the People into destitution and then control them. I will never let them win.” 

This 26 year old wife and mother of 3 is determined to take a stand. She holds our history of Democratic rule over the years responsible for the conditions of District 14 and what it is today. She has a plan and it’s not unreasonable.

“My plan includes reducing taxes and fees across the board, decreasing the overall size of government to lessen the burden on taxpayers, and making significant changes to urban growth boundaries and zoning laws so that more housing can be built to balance the ratio between housing supply and demand, and reestablish a competitive housing market. I plan on creating responsible budgets that allocate tax dollars where taxpayers intended them to go, eliminating wasteful spending and ending tax dollar slush funds. I would also make changes in how non-violent shelterless addicts are treated by the justice system, so that they are not jailed but serve their sentences in mandatory residential treatment and are evaluated for mental illness. I plan to make changes that would ensure that housing and care would be provided based on need for those folks who cannot do so for themselves such as disabled peoples. These people do not deserve to be cast out by society to live on the streets, if one can even call it living. They are human too and deserve to be treated with respect and allowed to retain their dignity. They need showers, healthcare, food and oftentimes counseling. I will see to it that if building facilities is needed, that it happens in a timely fashion without wasteful, unnecessary overspending of tax dollars. We cannot allow for this current homeless epidemic to continue. Crime, violence rates and overall public safety and morale have suffered greatly because of the failure of our government to take significant, purposeful action to solve the problems, as they prefer to use bandaids and give endless empty promises. That will end in House District 14 the day I enter the statehouse.” 

Alison Rhoads has an old and wise soul. I spoke with her for almost two hours last week as we discussed issues like Oregon China Council and how China has some type of grip on the west coast with their Co2 buyout plan and how they plan on taking more of our resources. We spoke about Governor Kate Brown and the Unconstitutional lockdown of Oregon which has completely ruined small business. The timber industry and how we’ve been selling lumber to China since the 60’s while they buy and sink logs into the ocean to resell them back to us.




This woman is smart. She’s a breath of fresh air for those living in Junction City, Fir Grove, Irving and other surrounding suburbs. She’s a country girl with outdoor skills that is overlooked by people of large cities. “I grew up in Sandy, Oregon, where my parents owned a home on the edge of Wildcat Valley, surrounded by wild BLM land where the coyotes, cougars, bobcats, raccoons and bears roamed. We raised chickens and I had a two dogs and two cats. My dad has been a gun stock maker for 32 years, and I sometimes helped him in the shop and went trap and skeet shooting with him. He taught me the value and necessity of the Second Amendment, to never let the Government infringe on our rights, and to be an independent thinker. My mom is an avid Bible thumper and she brings me insight from the good book itself to help me be the person that God intended me to be. She taught me that God is who I should rely on and who I should draw my strength from. His wisdom trumps all.”

“I also want to emphasize that taxation is theft. I believe the People should reserve the right to refuse to pay taxes when they disapprove of their government. After all, it’s “voluntary” right? As Thomas Jefferson once said, “When the People fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the People, there is liberty”.


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