Senate Response To OR/WA/CA Pact

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Written by James Carner

April 17, 2020

The Western States Pact isn’t good for Oregon


Contact: Kate Gillem 503-986-1952
Senate Republican Leader Statement on the “Western States Pact”

SALEM, Ore. – Earlier this week, Governor Kate Brown agreed to a “Western States Pact” with the governors of Washington and California, tying Oregon’s efforts to reopen after the COVID-19 event to other states with vastly different populations and economies, rather than staying state- focused and local. 

Senate Republican Leader, Herman Baertschiger Jr. (R-Grants Pass) issued the following statement: 

“The Western States Pact isn’t good for Oregon. What works in Seattle, a known COVID-19 hot- spot, may not work in Oregon – let alone rural Oregon. My caucus and I are having a difficult time understanding why communities in Oregon that have not been impacted by COVID-19 can’t return to business sooner than others in the state. Oregon should be addressing conditions on a local level before worrying about what other states are doing.”



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