The democrats are pushing vote by mail for Nov 3rd. Something sinister is up and according to their history, cheating is their goal. So here is why voting for President by mail is a bad idea.

The below article is an interview with Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies.

“Look, the problem with mail-in voting is basically this, in every state you can vote by absentee ballot, particularly if you’re ill or disabled. And we obviously need that.

But all-mail elections have all kinds of security problems. And the reason is very simple, these are the only kind of ballots that are being voted out of sight and out from under the supervision of election officials. 

That’s why it is, unfortunately, easy to not just engage in fraud in those kinds of elections, but it’s also easy for voters to be intimidated. And that’s a cause for concern and should be a cause for concern for anyone interested in having an election process that is fair and has good security too.”

Hans also mentions this about Michelle Obama’s early voting idea, “Well, why would she want early voting increased if, in fact, she’s worried about people catching the coronavirus by going to a polling place? That doesn’t make sense. That makes it look like what she’s talking about is basically a partisan objective to increase early voting sites around the country.

Of course, the problem with that is early voting has been shown to actually hurt turnout. And second, it has people voting weeks before Election Day, which often means they can miss important news connected with their choice of who they have voted for. 

Anybody who doubts that, just take a look at what happened in the Super Tuesday primary at the beginning of March where you had major candidates—Sen. [Amy] Klobuchar, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg—[drop] out two days and one day before the Super Tuesday primary, and yet hundreds of thousands of individuals had already cast ballots for them in early voting states. 

They couldn’t call those ballots back. In essence, you had hundreds of thousands of people who wasted their vote on candidates who had dropped out. But, because of early voting, there was nothing they could do about that.”

While I was perusing one of the groups for liberty online, a lady whom worked as an election judge in another state said, “Vote by mail has all kinds of issues. The best answer is voting in person with voter ID. They have absentee ballots for those who absolutely can not make it. [With] in person voting, the election judge looks at your ID, match you to the records, and have you sign that this is you and that you received your ballot.

Then you vote and walk it over to the ballot box and drop it in. In the state I was in, the election judges were sworn in, and were a balanced panel of republicans and democrats. Everything was verified with no less than two people at all times, one for each party.

I know someone who’s friend receives an Oregon ballot in Canada. She’s never lived in America. There’s very little way to verify by mail-in. You also run a high risk of having your ballot lost. And a high risk of having it tossed because they don’t think your signature matches and you aren’t there to dispute it or show other forms of signature ID. With in person voting, you can.”

Why is the left and some of the right so against Voter ID? To me, it’s pretty obvious. You can’t cheat. We have to demand and push for Voter ID. Leftist states whom hate Trump or any candidate that doesn’t fit their agenda will toss ballots, return them and not count them on purpose.