On a personal note …. About the Editor

My name is James Carner. I live in Bend, OR with my wife and disabled son. I own several businesses and am almost at the point of moving my company business license and taxes to another state to avoid the draconian powers of the left’s grip on Oregon. I also am an assistant pastor and worship leader for a small church.
After a brush with death from drinking booze 15 years ago, I got sober. With a clear head, I decided to try and figure out the meaning of life. I was bold enough at that time to try and put everything down within 5 paragraphs. Needless to say, the big picture I had written down changed every day after reading a new book or watching some YouTube documentary.
For years I have been researching things from religion to economics to warfare and/or history, but the more I dig deep down this rabbit hole, the more confused I got. There is something missing. Something that is not being told to us and being held back by our leaders. And what is not being told to us, is the substance of freedom and how to obtain it.
What is freedom? It’s a worldwide material right to do whatever we want within reason and without malice. The idea to travel and meet cultures to learn something we’ve never know before. A way to open up our pineal gland that gives us peace and connects us to worlds unseen. And unfortunately, there is a small group of people that want to destroy it.
I can give you my personal opinion on what is going on around the world and where I see things in 20 years. I can tell you with great confidence as to what to believe by using this media platform and my own biased point of view. However, that wouldn’t really solve anything. Opinions are not facts and facts are at most times, biased opinions. Especially in this age of fake news, which by the way, ever since the invention of the printing press, people have printed lies.
So I decided to make a change. I started Take Oregon Back. It’s a media source that reports what I and my authors see from a freedom perspective. There are many forms of control and history has shown there are groups who want to control it all. I have learned that you cannot make a change with posting your opinion, however, action can bring about change.
I plan on covering protests and create protests. I see two problems in the State of Oregon right now. Number one is an unconstitutional lock down power grab and number two is a mail in voting fraud scam that will harm November’s presidential election. These are the two most important things that need addressed this year and I hope you stand with me as I continue to report, organize and stand up to our socialized leaders.
Will you help me? Will you fight with me? If it comes to a time where we need to form a constitutional militia to forcefully remove leaders in Oregon who have broken our laws, would you take a stand and help? We need members. So far, we have 70 subscribers since I launched this website last week. I need YOU to get your family, friends and neighbors to sign up to my newsletter. Together, we CAN TAKE OREGON BACK!