A real spooky headline caught my attention on Oregon Live, “Oregon restaurants may be asked to consider keeping patrons’ names for coronavirus reopening”.

Why on earth do we need to track names of people whom leave their home first after the lockdown? Would this be a way of keeping track of the non-believers? Just in case we need to round them up for FEMA re-education camp?


The article paints the picture as a way to minimize risk of exposure for others by tracing people’s whereabouts in more depth but isn’t this virus less deadly than the flu? People! Why are they going all in on control and violating our privacy?

We all pretty much gave our data away in the form of social media. We laughed it off and barely educated our children about our rights in the first place setting ourselves up for this New World Order.

What is it going to take to gain our rights back? Our data back? Our freedom to roam without proving our business. Since this pandemic, we are looking more like Nazi Germany in half our states! This is more than concerning!