It’s easy to point fingers or send a funny gif on social media as you get caught up in herd mentality surrounded by friends who think like you or have the same beliefs.

But when you’re locked on a page/post of liberals and you are defenseless against their views, the situation presents a problem. Both parties are in the heat of the moment. Nothing really gets heard.

I am guilty of this. A friend of mine posted one of my articles on her wall and asked her friends what their thoughts were. The article and myself got attacked from every angle.

So, I got triggered and responded to every single person on that post which did a lot of harm rather than good. I didn’t use wisdom or judgment and in the end it just pissed them off more.

The following day, I called my cousin whom posted a message on her wall that aimed at conservatives and I felt that she was talking about me.

The call went for an hour as we took our walls down and listened to each other. She made some good and strong points about the lockdown while my view was heard too with the same mentality. The call ended in love and got me thinking.

Regardless of who is wrong or right is irrelevant in the age of information war. Both sides whether left or right are being used to play against each other. Half of America is open for business and the other half is not. This plays to anger at each other which does not help us in our current situation. Is it by design?

Are our elected leaders playing us against each other so that we fight each other instead of unite? On Saturday’s historic rally sponsored by Oregon Uniting For Liberty, a few Antifa members were there trying to disrupt our message. Is this the answer? Protestors, protesting the protestors?

I’ll close with this thought. A woman and her friend showed up to our Friday Rally sponsored by, Leanna Craine’s Facebook group “Take Oregon Back” who also is a writer for us.

I was casting live and passed them which I didn’t think nothing of, when suddenly the woman was upset that I was taking her picture. It got heated for a minute when I apparently diffused the situation by commenting on her glasses, which I adored!

In the end we became friends and I found out later she was far left and something changed her to be there. What was it? The one thing we all have in common and want to restore. Our freedom.

From now on I am going to put aside my opinion and try to post facts. I will try and engage all parties so that we can unite together against tyranny which seems to be playing in Oregon. I will try and not comment when I get triggered and open up my ears and heart instead of hate.

After all, our country was founded on freedom of religion, speech and rights that are being taken for granted. If we don’t unite, there could be civil unrest or worse civil war and that plays right into the hands of our common enemies.

James Carner