Join us Tuesday at 10:00 am in front of Glamour Salon at 195 Liberty St Salem, OR to stand up and support Lindsey and our rights. This is not about protesting or causing a scene. Lindsey is putting her entire livelihood on this decision to stand up for what’s right. The least we can do is stand up for her. She has given full permission to create this event. She needs our help!!

It’s supposed to be a beautiful day so grab some chairs, dress comfy and let’s make this happen!

If you do or you don’t know Lindsey and Scott Graham, you will now. Lindsey and Scott own multiple businesses through out the Willamette Valley. Due to Kate Brown’s shut down order like all other small businesses they have not been able to operate therefore, losing out on thousands of dollars. On Sunday May 3, Lindsey announced that she would be opening her salon back up regardless of the order. If our train wreck of a government can’t get it together by getting the unemployment disaster figured out, the small business grants organized, or any type of reasonable assistance granted then these small business have NO CHOICE. They have to get back to work. It has NOTHING to do with being an essential business. I don’t care if they sell silly string for a living, that’s not the point. It has to do the well being of her family, paying her bills, and taking care of responsibility like a responsible human should. This is hands down government over reach and we need to come together safely to support her. She is our voice right now. She has stood up and said what we’ve all been wanting to say for a while. Let’s hope this starts a trend and we can open back up and get on with our lives.

Thank you! We are all so proud of you Lindsey!
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