Update: witness reports that they were in fact Salem PD with a commanding officer. However the Salem PD were called and denied sending anyone there. Perhaps Salem PD main line wasn’t aware of the dispatch?

The people protesting Salem’s Glamour Salon in support of the Salon opening under Brown’s lockdown were approached by police officers today. They served papers threatening to come back and arrest the protestors according to many sources.

Picture from video of one of the protestors – papers served

The papers had contact info on page 3 which gives the name of Kathy Ursprung, Communications and Media Specialist as the main contact. hmmm So I dug a little deeper.

Kathy’s Facebook page says Kathy Brown Gray Ursprung. Notice anything weird about that name? Kathy Brown? Kate Brown? Protestors called the number provided and it was a voice recording for a some media company.

The email goes to cityofsalem.net which seems to be the main Salem government website with contact info:

City of Salem , Oregon, USA
555 Liberty ST SE
Salem OR 97301

Ursprung lives in The Dalles.

The protestors noticed a few odd things about the police. No badge numbers, no business cards and no commanding officers. The protestors called the Salem Police and they said they were not there, rather doing regular patrols. Someone is lying.

No reports yet as to the return of the police to arrest as some protestors stayed willing to be arrested standing up for their rights.