This is a disturbing report. I’ve seen this video (below YouTube link) a while ago and although I wasn’t shocked at first, I am now, given the push for a “New World Order” as heard from George Bush Sr,, Henry Kissinger and George Soros.

The three products below are the most evil and scary things I have ever witnessed as a believer. The first product is a vaccine virus, that I cannot find the name of, but you can see it in the video link below, which “effect would turn a fanatical religious person into a normal person” Made for the Middle East wars by scientists.

This video shows a 2005 Pentagon briefing for a virus that can stop your religious side of the brain. Watch this video before it’s taken down:

The second part is a mark called the quantum dot tattoo. It uses a product called Lucifarase that produces a light emanating enzyme, when used with a smart phone, can view your ID and details of the vaccine injected.

And the third is a tracking chip, patent number WO|2020|060606, that can track cryptocurrency body activity data by mining the user verifying if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

Could the three combined be the end game for salvation? Is Satan going to use this injection to first, get you to deny God in your brain, second, track your activity as currency and if you have thoughts of God, can devalue your cryptocurrency? Hence lose your ability to buy or sell? These three things are real. If combined could seriously destroy freedom of religion as we know it.

Imagine a world where you will be forced to go to a FEMA re-education camp and by taking the mark of the beast, turn you into a crypto currency making atheist. Thus fulfilling prophecy that anyone who accepts it will not enter the kingdom of heaven. The technology is now here folks.

Washington, Oregon and California are all trying to keep their counties closed until a vaccine is ready. Trump, although not in on it that I believe, did say he would send the national guard when the vaccine is available to inject the willing. A majority of the American people want the COVID19 vaccine, and if this above is the price to pay for fear of a virus, almost all of our fellow loved ones will ultimately have denied God and the ones left will be fighting for salvation during the tribulation.

I have tried to find the connection all over the web and have not. You heard it here first. God help us.

Update: Geneticist Dean Hamer, the director of the Gene Structure and Regulation Unit at the U.S. National Cancer Institute, and author of the 2005 book The God Gene (2005 was the timing of the YouTube video above): How Faith is Hard wired into our Genes, could be the speaker on the YouTube video discussing his findings to the Pentagon. The gene is called VMAT2.