From New Right Network, “Oregon voters affiliated with the Republican Party had a shock when they received their mail-in ballot forms. According to The Gateway Pundit, voters affiliated with the Republican Party had their party affiliation changed to non-affiliated. The changes were made without the voter request and without their permission. Some Republican voters reported their ballot had been changed to the wrong party: Democrat! Others who reported they switched their affiliation back to Republican saw the affiliation changed back to non-affiliated. With all this, did Oregon steal Republican votes? It is a serious question that requires immediate attention.

What this means for those Republican voters is they can no longer choose a candidate for their Party. Un-affiliated voters can only vote for local elections such as judge seats and ballot measures. Worse yet, the date to change party affiliation was April 27, 2020, too late for correction to be made for most for the voting date: Tuesday, May 19, 2020.”