This is James Carner, editor of Take Oregon Back website. I wanted to thank you all personally for contributing to our fight to Take Oregon Back. So far, since we started 3 weeks ago, we have received over 40,000 views and almost 200 subscribers. Our projections will be double that in 1 month and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it taking off like this.

We are not done. We need your help. The problem with information is it’s controlled by a select few. I own the servers where my information is stored so no one can manipulate Take Oregon Back. We need YOU to spread the word by cutting and pasting the below sentences and posting it in your wall. We need a million Oregonians tuning into this website for the truth and your small contribution costs nothing but a few bytes.

Cut and paste this below to your wall AND email it to all your friends!!!! Please!!!!

✄ Oregon has been held hostage. Its Supreme Court has unconstitutionally negated your rights and a federal judge agrees that “individual liberty is not absolute and is subject to the police power of the state.”

It’s true. Thanks to COVID19, Oregon has turned into a police state. Our only hope for regaining our rights back is to organize into one system of people who agree on the principles our founding fathers gave us. Sign up to our newsletter and get the latest Oregon news that is not fake.

I don’t usually post these things, but I feel helpless in the fight to Take Oregon Back and signing up to this keeps me informed of my rights and gives me a sense of doing something about it. Will you help me? ✄