Delores Dixon was unheard of by most Oregonians and was not in Oregon’s voter guide as a candidate, but somehow through her Facebook page, “Write-In Delores Dixon Your Attorney General”, and word of mouth, she received enough votes to make it to the General election. Does she have what it takes to sway Oregon Voters?

I met Delores at a rally at the Capital in Salem, she has a history in law enforcement, a retired sheriff, and a conviction to up hold our constitution.

She is a supporter of the 2A, ProLife, and for the Farmer, Rancher, the miners and the loggers. She believes in the rule of law, and has been studying the State of Oregon Constitution, The Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence.

She believes she personally has enough Constitutional Law to relieve our government of their duties under Article 1 Section 1 of The Oregon State Constitution. It would be at your best benefit to look it up so that you can read it and understand her intentions around the General Elections, should it become necessary if the recalls now in progress does not do the job they believe they will do this time around.

As an Oregonian who is tired of being Governed by criminals who ignore our constitution and rights, I personally liked the sound of that. You have my vote Delores Dixon!