Each time something happens here in our beautiful state, some unknown Oregonian finds a way to help. Not sure where you stand on the Covid Lockdown, Open Oregon is here to help. To wear masks, or not wear masks, that seems to be one of the many debates we are having, another Oregonian has stepped up to help us get to the bottom of all the confusion, here is their mission statement.

“The purpose of this page is to gather and organize data, articles, and information that demonstrate how the State of Oregon’s approach to the Covid-19 pandemic is harmful to Oregon and the health and well-being of her citizens.

We recognize that Covid-19 poses health risks to vulnerable groups and that, in the early months of 2020, we did not have much information on how Covid-19 would affect the state. However, now we have ample data on the actual (rather than predicted) challenges that Covid-19 presents. The threat today is much less than what was predicted.

At this point, the State of Emergency and “Stay Home. Save Lives.” orders are causing more harm than good and infringe on our constitutional rights. It is time to release most of the restrictions and allow people to make their own decisions based on their own risk/benefit analysis. Let us show you why.”