Tonight as I follow the protests and riots around the country, my mind keeps wandering to LaVoy Finicum, a peaceful protester, who was shot by the Oregon state police, out in the middle of nowhere.

Oregon was divided, but never set on fire, and to this very day, no one has been held accountable. We demanded accountability, we demanded justice, to no avail.

LaVoy was a Husband, Father, Grandfather and friend, and a genuine lover of Freedom, his chosen saying, it matters how you stand.

He would have been appalled if our reaction to his murder was to light up our community, I’m sure he would of told us, come on guys, it matters HOW you stand.

When the country heard of the murder of George Floyd, we were all on the same page, standing in unity demanding justice, and then the riots started, and we are once again a country divided.

If you decide to join in these protests against the police, remember that, two wrongs, don’t make a right, and it really does matter how you stand.