The last recall effort didn’t work because Kate Brown started one herself and wouldn’t merge the votes together. It’s called “dirty politics”.

Now, there are 3 recall petition parties which makes things even worse and more confusing. There is another war on this effort and Brown has doubled down by possibly starting two more. So, what can we do?

Sign them all but support the correct one. Paul Romero’s Kate Brown Total Recall 2020. This petition needs to be printed, signed and mailed to them early July to count and send in by July 29th.

This petition is different because no one can tamper with the evidence. Each petition is numbered and is being monitored by Paul’s campaign team.

If you are on the fence about it, here are 57 reasons to act with citations. One more thing, you need to study and read everything. One mistake can cost us that vote or many if instructions are not followed.

All they need are 280,050 registered voter signatures to succeed. Please, for the sake of our future here in Oregon, print, sign and mail this in now!