What is going on in Democrat states across America, and what are we going to do about it, seems to be the question of the day, as many in Oregon awoke to find protesters set fires to police stations and businesses in Portland and Eugene.

Why are they burning their own communities down, why? I am here to answer that question, we are under a leftist attack, inevitable during an election year, they no they have no chance, so chaos ensues to deflect from all that is just wrong with their party.

Do we sit like cowards in our homes, telling ourselves, this to shall pass? Do we continue to let them burn businesses down and put more Oregonians out of a job? Or do we take action, and stand in solidarity to protect what is ours? I do know that we can no longer let them get away with this, I do know that we have no chance of beating them at the polls, at least not without a “Battle of Athens” to ensure our election is fair, and I also know, we cannot continue to live in fear.

I for one, am ready to hear the sounds of Freedom and Liberty ring across this great nation, I for one, am ready to save our state, our country, by whatever means necessary. You see, we were born with a natural born right to live, and prosper, and sadly, we have reached that point in history that democrats have been striving for, for decades.

Our Freedoms and liberties are on the line, our security and comfort threatened, how much more will it take? I’m afraid it will take a civil war, we can’t allow this abuse of power, evil prevails, when good people do nothing.

To my fellow Oregonians, stay safe out there, when you are ready to stand against this obvious attack on our country, I for one am with you!

It Matters How You Stand ~ Robert “LaVoy” Finicum