We in Oregon have become disgusted with your leadership, we feel like the criminals have taken over, and you are leading them in destroying our state. Illegals bring drugs, diseases and even humans here, you reward them with sanctuary. prisoners who have committed heinous crimes and were rightly sent to death row, and you destroy our death penalty and give them the possibility of parol, without putting any of it in front of the voters.

Protest have now ensued over the death of a man in Minnesota, which we all agree is tragic, but the riots, looting and burning of buildings is wrong, and your response included no assurance to Oregonians that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. I am including the only statement you have made, to ensure it’s word for word.

“George Floyd.
Breonna Taylor.
Ahmaud Arbery.
Philando Castile.
Alton Sterling.

Too many Black lives taken by racist violence. Far too many. Mourning their loss is not enough. We must commit ourselves to racial justice.

As Portland Fire Chief Sara Boone said today, this “is a moment of reckoning. It is a moment when we come together… to create an actual community where respect and dignity are our core values.”

Yesterday thousands of Oregonians mourned and spoke out for justice together. But late last night small groups decided to smash windows and light fires. Senseless violence does not honor George Floyd’s death or create accountability. Only the hard work of racial justice will.” ~ Kate Brown

You have destroyed our economy in Oregon, you have ignored the cries of the people, we don’t want our state to be a sanctuary and we don’t want it burnt or looted to the ground. We don’t want a governor who disappears every time there is an emergency in our state. So let me be the first to inform you that, I withdraw my consent to be Governed by you, I DEMAND your resignation, effective immediately!

Oregon is on the brink of civil war, the abuse of power is obvious to even those not politically inclined, you have the opportunity to avert it by handing in your resignation, now it’s up to you to do the right thing! Sincerely ~ Leanna Crain