I was gone for 10 days in the remote woods gold panning in Sumpter, OR. It was beautiful, warm and peaceful except for the mosquitoes. I swear they made a message in brail on my legs that said, “Come back outside. We’re hungry.”

James Carner | Editor

There is something about nature, a campfire and the sound of frogs at night that takes the stress of the world away. More importantly, the idea that one could live off the land and be self sufficient without a government seemed to be proper.

There’s a little town called Greenhorn about 30 miles away, claims to be the highest city in the US with the smallest of residence. Less than 30 people. While I was there scouting around for a place to pan, I decided to speak to some of the tribes.

With only telephone and no internet or electricity, the town was barely in the social media loop. Everyone there was intent on disconnecting from the chaos. The spirit of the town, which is booming with new occupancy, was that of homesteading, gardening and cutting firewood for the next winter.

There was no stress. No fear. No worries. And the land was clean. A sense of pride and commitment was shown as the locals drove around the mountain on quads picking up the garbage and firewood left by the memorial day campers. Not one soul frowned as you waved driving by. Truly, this was heaven on Earth.

As I got back to town from my yearly vacation, I was swarmed with news of fear, dread, chaos and uncertainty. News that riots broke out and gangs were destroying our heritage, monuments and freedoms. Echoes from the left were blaming the police state, while screams from the right were pointing fingers at paid operatives.

Tonight as I type this, I realized that the experience I had in Greenhorn could be the last. America is repeating history. It doesn’t matter anymore who did what and why. Germany was divided before World War II which helped them spawn a party called the Nazis whom promised peace, safety and unity.

Their country was broke so they cut the red tape of bureaucracy and started forming an infrastructure inside to create jobs and somehow bring them out of debt from the crown. It worked for a while as they built the largest freeway system (Autobahn), but was not enough for Hitler and his allies.

We know what happened next. 90 years and reparations later, they finally paid off their past debt. But to what cost? 62 billion to 101 billion of armament cost not including the lives of millions including the holocaust. What a travesty. And America is now cutting red tape, arming up and seems to be getting ready for war with China as we speak.

And where does that leave us now? History repeats itself and our country is fighting to stay alive. The American Dream is dead as we eat, drink and be merry during a questionable virus pandemic offering funny memes to friends of pictures and gifs of our favorite entertainment celebrities’ emotions.

A growing number of people are waking up to the fraud, trafficking and crimes against humanity, but it’s never enough. Our masters have brilliantly divided us against each other for their gain as they get ready to once again finance all parties of World War III. The sadness that I have, because I can’t reach the masses, is overwhelming and I can’t shake the feeling that we may be too late.

In Sumpter, we explored their ancient graveyard at night searching for signs of ghostly activity. As our team of ghost hunters walked passed grave after grave, I noticed many whom served in World War I and II. As I read their names and the day they died, I couldn’t help but wonder what their honorable sacrifice meant for the people of America today.

What does freedom mean to a divided country whom is about to lose it from enemies foreign and domestic? Years of infiltration has taken its course and we are definitely witnessing the massive decay of western civilization. If only our parents instilled the importance of the civil war and the great cost it played into our freedoms of today and for tomorrow instead of allowing the school system to do it for them?

Or maybe our parents and grandparents did but we were too distracted with Atari, Gameboy, Nintendo, Sega and all the other electronic games, we as Generation X, played instead of listening. Whoever or whatever is to blame, will not keep Greenhorn or Sumpter alive tomorrow. Our complete and utter ignorance to listen to all sides and believe what we hear and see has really brought us to this place of uncertainty.

It took a small percentage of American colonists to fight the British during the American Revolution and win. We could have a chance if we set aside our differences, stop listening to the race baiting and blaming each other for whoever voted for who. We could have a chance if we came together and fought against the real enemy.

Because the real enemy isn’t Americans. It’s the richest and wealthiest ‘fat pigs’ that control our money, resources, food and minds. They’ve had over 100 years to plan their takeover of America. They distracted us with gadgets, gizmos and movies (entertainment) while they sand paper down our freedoms.

I would like to continue my tradition of gold mining and ghost hunting. I would like America to stay. The only way I see it happening is if we reach out to our neighbors who disagree with us and find a common ground. Why not stop talking about politics and start taking about unity? Instead of addressing something as fact, why not address something as a thought or opinion?

Open your arms and embrace your neighbor. Tell them you care about them and our country. Tell them that we have a common enemy that is after to steal, kill and destroy our very freedoms our fathers have earned with blood. Get together without fear of ridicule and let your guard down. Stop feeling and start with action! Because you can’t tell your enemy not to kill you because it will hurt. Unity, wisdom, knowledge and defense is our only hope to survive the next wave of attacks.