Conditioning is “the process of training or accustoming a person or animal to behave in a certain way or to accept certain circumstances.”

Take for example the new “style” that malls are incorporating into their look. This isn’t a coincidence:

While we’ve been asleep, our masters have been hard at work preparing us for COVID19 and the “new normal” which sounds like and looks like an authoritative state. Look but don’t touch. Stand here, but not here. And most recently, subliminal “we are watching you” towers that are everywhere:

Sure, you can argue that this is to deter theft from the malls, but what about these schools?

Our society could be groomed to accept prison. The only thing missing in the above pictures is the barb wire.

Stay vigilant and keep your guard up. Question everything and don’t take the government’s word for it. We are witnessing a total take down of civil liberties and our government isn’t stepping up to the plate. When the knock on your door to surrender your livelihood comes, will you be ready?

Don’t forget the MTV commercial the deep state tried to warn you about in 2008: This was a warning. Wake up!