Why are there two? Last year, it was suspected that one of them were created for the explicit purpose to deflect from the other. We have print screen shots of one of them purposely changing the number of votes to come up short.

You can’t trust anyone these days, so the Oregon GOP created one and so did Kelsey Massey. Personally, we at Take Oregon Back have vetted Paul’s recall and can assure this one is real. But, for the sake of Oregon, we have to sign both. This way one will eventually succeed.

Many Oregonians have been asking about recall petitions and signing locations. Bev Clarno, Oregon’s Secretary of State has approved the Stop The Abuse-Recall Kate Brown petition, which has a downloadable petition you can print yourself from the comfort of your home as well as a google map for locations you can sign.





Also approved is the Kate Brown Total Recall, filed by Kelsey Massey, which also has a downloadable petition. Before signing petitions, you must be a registered voter, with current mailing address, and your signature must match your voter registration.

Kate Brown Total Recall 2020: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gjxvxuKkFB6obeLDlg1pWBaE10M7T1ZRHyd8d4B4LkU/mobilebasic

Telephone: (541) 430-4910
Email: km@katebrowntotalrecall.com
Facebook: CLICK

If you are interested in signing but are not registered, you can go to www.sos.gov and register to vote as well as update your mailing address. We need approximately 350 signatures to push this over the finish line, and I’m certain we have at least that many fed up Oregonians.
Governor Brown has gone rogue, 29 new taxes to be implemented, with I’m sure more to come. Her most recent “Executive Order on Climate ActionOn March 10, 2020, Governor Brown issued EO 20-04, directing state agencies to take actions to reduce and regulate greenhouse gas emissions. EO 20-04 establishes new science-based emissions reduction goals for Oregon. … You can read a summary of the EO 20-04 here (coming soon).”, will kill Oregon. Please take the time to help Take Oregon Back!