“The Oregon Attorney General is a statutory office within the executive branch of the state of Oregon, and serves as the chief legal officer of the state, heading its Department of Justice with six operating divisions. The Attorney General is chosen by statewide partisan election to serve a term of four years. The incumbent, Ellen Rosenblum, was sworn in on June 29, 2012, replacing John Kroger, a Democrat who was elected in 2008 and resigned six months before the end of his term to become President of Reed College. She was re-elected in 2016.” Wiki

A former federal prosecutor and state trial and appellate judge, Ellen Rosenblum was first elected to a four-year term as Oregon’s 17th Attorney General in November, 2012 and was re-elected on November 8, 2016.

According to Ballotpedia, there are two running against each other for November, not including the write in candidate, Deloris Dixon. The remaining Republican running against Democrat Ellen Rosenblum is Michael Cross. Let’s find out what they both stand for.

Michael Cross – Republican

From his website, “The Office of State Attorney General needs to impartially and fairly represent ALL Oregonians. Regardless of political affiliations, spiritual beliefs, race, creed, etc., the governing credo of the AG’s office should be the federal and state constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It is the AG’s role to protect ALL citizens from the overreach of power and to keep Government in check. Michael Cross has demonstrated repeatedly that he cares more for the PEOPLE of Oregon than POLITICS or even his political affiliation. When necessary he even calls out his own political Party for injustices and lack of transparency. Michael has in the past, worked zealously speaking up for everyday people, that big Government has tried hard to silence.

We NEED Michael Cross to be the next Oregon Attorney General to reign in power in our Executive Branch of Oregon. Specifically, Governor Brown is acting more like a tyrant than an elected official carrying out the wishes of Oregonians. As your next State Attorney General, I take issue with ANY elected official, regardless of Political Party, that circumvents the will of the People and indeed chooses to use executive privilege over sending ANY ISSUE to be voted on by all Oregonians.

Please join me, in my race to become YOUR next State Attorney General! Let’s get back to the Oregon that I knew and loved as a child in the 1970’s, we all miss dearly!”


Delores Dixon – Republican

When searching for Delores, I found her Twitter which states, “63 y/o presently running as a Write-in candidate on the Republican ticket for Attorney General of Oregon during the General November election.” You can view a little more information on her Facebook page here.

So far, this is it. We have two people going up against the most corrupt institution nationwide. The Pacific Northwest has been in democratic control for far too long and I am surprised that there are not more Republicans running for this office.

Ellen Rosenblum is spending her days fighting the COVID scam artists with the Oregon DOJ. She thinks she has this election in the bag. Well, if George Soros machines are used to count the votes, she most certainly does, however it may not be needed. Both Republican candidates do not offer much information on their backgrounds. They need to step up their game and give way more details about themselves.

James Carner | Editor