Today I received a text from a friend whom I really respect. She told me to not give in to hate. I was stunned. Where, when or how did I do that? The funny thing about text is when someone sends you something really important, you sit and wait in anticipation for their response.

Thank God she responded to my question right away. It turns out one of my posts in our group did stink of hate. It was judgmental. But no one really caught it but her. It was in a post about the elderly being harassed by the BLM. My title was “ Children AND elderly couples harassed!!!!!! By “protestors”. If you’re blood isn’t boiling, then you’re luke warm and will be spit out.”

At the time of typing it, I was angry. Furious! I recently posted a riot near a children’s hospital where a father and his child was trying to get out of the way. The girl was crying and screaming – terrified! I was full of hate. I wanted to steamroll every rioter I could find. And I know I am not the only one.

All of us are angry. We are under attack. Our way of life and our freedoms have been compromised. Since March, the COVID-19 pandemic has riddled us with misinformation and opinion. No one can get a straight answer yet we rely on memes and disinformation to sift through and find the truth. Truth, it seems, is long lost in an abyss of greed, filth and empires. Where do we find comfort?

First, I apologize to my readers for wanting to spew you out of my mouth. That wasn’t my intentions or thoughts. Sometimes we run off of our emotions and that is not professional. But, I am glad it happened. If I didn’t make that mistake, you wouldn’t have come to my rescue. Since we started Take Oregon Back, we have been posting 90% negative and 10% positive when it comes to articles.

This negativity really gets to you. For me, since March, I have been speaking and working with attorneys, campaigners, recall efforts and even militias trying to figure out what is really going on and what I can do to protect me and my family. My efforts have achieved very little. Grassroots movements also take money and that is something I don’t have in large quantities.

To be honest, I didn’t want to do any of this. I didn’t expect the deep state to act on draconian measures so fast. It’s as if the elite have a deadline or something is standing in their way so they went all in with their chips exposing themselves in return. There has been an exodus of people leaving parties, states and even the country due to the overreach.

Because we see most of the information via the fake news agencies, all of the data is apocalyptic. And to make things worse, they are throwing swine flu and another Covid strain at us giving hints that shutdowns and masks are going to be the “new normal”. I don’t have any answers. I only have my research and opinions in which I came to a point of exhaustion.

The happiness and joyful side of me is fading. The peace and comfort that I had, even in a debt world, had been tucked away slowly as my fight or flight mode turned on. Having to stand in dedicated spots, hold in your allergies and put a mask on has brought out an anger I have never seen in me. It wasn’t a good anger.

I know I am not alone. Today I reflected on why I let a small group of thugs with money remove my peace. Last night as I was praying, I heard a still small voice tell me to stop posting all the bad stuff and find articles in Oregon about the good stuff. Then, the very next day, my friend confirmed that I was giving in to the enemy.

You see, whoever the enemy is, wants us to be angry. They want a civil war BEFORE the elections. They are trying to divide us and make us do stupid things without thinking it through. Hence the people driving through protests and the rioters destroying public and private property. And the media is encouraging it. Rooting for their victors as they apologize by offending any on the left.

$100 million dollars was recently given to BLM to continue their Marxist agenda. How long do we have to endure this takeover of our God given freedoms? November? Is that the date when I can have my peace back? My country back? my freedom back? I don’t think so. Trump getting re-elected will not stop this agenda.

The only thing that will stop this madness is war. Too many people on both sides buy into their own arguments. The day of debating is over. The progressive Marxist agenda is perfectly clear. People were indoctrinated and brainwashed far too long to ever get them back.

History will show a new birth of a nation this year. These are its birth pangs. Will it be the old United States and its constitution or will it be the perverted communist nation with more laws and draconian powers eliminating freedom altogether? There’s no in between. We lost that right when we allowed the enemy in.

As for my peace, it comes and goes. As for my anger, I will work on a more Godly anger. One that is angry at the real enemy and not the fools who fell prey to its deception and traps. I’m going to pray more and hold on to the promises of the Bible and what Jesus taught us and what we are to expect.

Do we listen to Henry Gruver, Ken Peters (both men can be found on YouTube by searching their name and the phrase ‘Prophecy Club’) or Dana Coverstone, all pastors who have had dreams of of Russia and China on American soil with eerily the same stories, or do we listen to Mark Taylor and Kim Clement who prophesied that Trump will be re-elected, the swamp will be drained, a debt jubilee, the media will be dead and a new money system called Nesara will happen?

Whatever the outcome, I know that my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will keep me and my family safe as I am highly favored, mighty and a blessed child of the most high. No plague shall come nigh my dwelling and live. I will put my trust in the Lord even with gritted teeth. I will sing to Him even when I am in prison. As Paul said, “This is but a light affliction.” When it comes to the pain and sorrow of the world.

I hope these past 4 months have shown you who the real enemy is. I hope I gave you enough information to draw your own conclusions and are preparing your house for the coming birth of a new nation. I desire that you find comfort in friends, family and truth as you walk through this valley of the shadow of death. For I will fear no evil. For He is with me. His rod and His staff, they comfort me. I hope you find the same during the uncertain times.

James Carner | Editor