It’s time to start preparing. We can’t trust our state or federal government. There are two governments being run right now. One under Obama and the other under Trump. It’s been that way since 2016. Trump has been doing everything he can to squash the swamp, but it’s been there for over 50 years. Even 4 years can’t remove thousands of elite officials who control our way of life, especially the media.

It’s obvious they are fighting us. Every headline is full of lies and slander under hypocrisy. The people who hate America have control over our youth through Marxist indoctrination and to unbrainwash the whole mess will take even more than Trump winning again. And if he does, what can he do? Will he finally unseal the 160,000 indictments and do the mass arrests or will he continue his same fight defending himself?

And what should we prepare for? If Trump wins, do you think the left will quit? No way. There will be more impeachments and more investigations. Not including more riots and tactical ways the blue states will try and ruin America all for the sake of revenge. Revenge for hurting their vision of a communist utopia that doesn’t exist.

We should prepare for the likelihood of civil unrest, martial law and potentially civil war. The tactics that our own CIA has used to divide countries for their resources are being used on us right now. Right now! America has tipped over the unrest scale the moment the blue states kept us locked down under the disguise of a pandemic. Obama’s new world order is off schedule but still in effect.

Civil unrest will branch out into the suburbs. Since the police will not enforce by standing down (all rioters in Portland were let go with no repercussions) the paid rioters will continue marching regardless. It’s anarchy. Most likely suburbia will fight back and shots will be fired. Since the blue states’ courts are controlled by the left, don’t think that the judges will be fair.

Martial law, it seems, is our only hope. A dangerous proposal, which history has shown has never ‘ever’ changed back to regularity once it has been enacted, that could lead to several scenarios. One, if Trump has control over our entire military, they have enough strength and power to remove radical leftists from power. Two, if martial law is enacted, the leftists may call on the United Nations for help.

This second scenario will bring in other countries to help the leftists. H.R.204 – American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2019 has not been signed yet, which would end membership of the United States in the United Nations. It has not been passed. The house is sitting on it because they might try to gain help by the UN through a back door coup. If martial law is declared, this could give the UN a gateway to intervene.

Regardless of what happens, there is no good news in plain sight. All we have are promises from an anonymous source that calls itself “Q” whom has been slowly giving us information and asking that we do our own research to find the cause before the symptom. Q asks us to “trust the plan” as we sit here helplessly watching our cities burn.

We can protest, but it falls on deaf ears. Oregon’s Governor is being chauffeured by State Police while disobeying her own orders as she walks outside without a mask. There are militias, but the ones I know of are being infiltrated by extremists and are unorganized. Not only that, but they have sat back and watched Antifa and BLM riot and destroy their own people’s property.

We can pray, but the businesses and churches in Baker City, who sued Kate Brown, lost in state court because the Supreme Court made up their owns rules, yet the other churches in Roseburg and Medford won, but only for their counties, which barely made any news. Sure, you can worship and sing in those counties but not in the others without mandates.

That is why we need to start preparing. If Venezuela is any example of what we can expect, then we must prepare for what lies ahead if we truly are on our own. Since 2002, Venezuela has had a revolving door coup. A recount was demanded every election and when Maduro defeated Capriles, they stopped releasing economic data.

This led to inflation, (hundred thousand fold), media blackouts, financial crisis, power blackouts, opposition leader arrests, constitutional overhaul, debt default, rigged elections, drone attacks, migration exodus and two presidents at the same time. Following uprisings and violent aid standoffs, Venezuela still is at the mercy of its creditors (IMF) and most likely will sell off all of its resources (oil and timber) if no one can help.

The cost of living in Venezuela is close to The United States, however the salaries are unbelievable! The average monthly salary here is $3500 while there is $317! This means we can expect the cost of living here to rise and fast! The bailouts, stimulus and costs of endless wars have put America’s debt over the yearly GDP gross. We earn 22 trillion a year for goods and services and owe 24 trillion. This does not include the recent Federal Reserve stimulus of 4 trillion.

This means we are taking in more bills than we can pay. And the foreign creditors are not friendly. If we default, the cost of goods will soar and rent will quadruple. Creditors will call the loans back (ask the borrower to give their collateral and pay anything they can or face consequences). This takes money out of our economy because it goes to China and other places we owe.

America was seized in 1913 when a private central bank took over (Federal Reserve). It’s owned by 13 wealthy families such as the Rockefeller’s and Rothschilds to name a few. They own our debt. They profit off our bonds. If we don’t stand against them, which by the way, Trump merged the feds with the treasury so this could be a good thing, then they win.

And what can we prepare for and expect? you will lose anything you owe money on (mortgages, property and vehicles). Gas will be $30 a gallon. Milk, $35. Rent $6,000. Dinner for two at a restaurant, $600. And while you’re trying to get by, there will be corruption, gangs, wars, rape, murder and theft.

You will barely make it on 2 salaries. There will be no middle class. Just Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and all major manufacturers will most likely be foreigner owned. And you will be microchipped, vaccinated and taken to re-education camps if you refuse the state orders. That is, if Trump can’t stand up to the Federal Reserve and China. We need a miracle. And if we stay silent, this is what we are to expect.