The below news story tells of a Floridian, Galen Wood, who was arrested for opening. He sued and won!

BREAKING: State Attorney’s Office 6th Circuit just DROPPED their case against my client Galen Wood—the first Floridian business owner to be arrested for opening a “non-essential” business. As of this week, we were told prosecution was going full speed ahead. But after INTENSE statewide and national criticism, the State Attorney’s Office has reversed course. They filed the “no information” today ending the criminal case. It’s now clear the State Attorney, the Pinellas Sheriff’s, and Pinellas County Government must know that there is NO valid legal authority for either the State or local emergency orders! And that Floridians have HAD IT with big government overreach and these unlawful lockdowns. We were proud to help Mr. Wood in his fight against unlawful government abuse. Thank you to Gordon G. Oldham IV of Oldham & Delcamp, Law Firm—my partners on the case!

Now we will be moving forward with a civil lawsuit to challenge the ILLEGAL basis for the State and Local emergency orders and other abusive actions taken by government. I encourage others to also challenge every emergency order in court. #liberty

Even though we have proved Brown’s lockdown was unconstitutional, we must defy the orders of our so-called leaders and demand our rights back. If we don’t stand up, they win.

This is a new type of warfare. Between freedom or a State Police. For years our elected leaders have stripped our rights away in the name of “safety” while we stand by and do nothing.

We are weak if we stand by our constitution and uphold liberty by defying the draconian lockdown regardless of what political motivation is at play.

We have come to another point in history where we tell our children’s children what we did to gain our rights back. If we don’t, then our enemy will continue until we are slaves to the government.